Trigon Imaging Solutions
The Trigon Difference
The Triangle is the strongest naturally occurring geometric figure.  Each side of the Triangle supports the others equally, allowing the entire object to remain intact so long as all of its foundations remain uncompromised.  Our business is managed in like manner with the equal focus on three distinct individual, yet inter-related ideas.  We will do everything we can to support our Customers, by making smart decisions as a Company and without compromising our Core Values

       Customer, Company, Core Values


Your Total  Resource for Digital Imaging Needs
Trigon Imaging Solutions provides the most comprehensive solutions to companies within the digital imaging industry.  We sell and support complete digital imaging systems.  From color managed files, to final output, we offer a comprehensive array of supplies and services.  Trigon takes a consultative approach to understanding our customer's capabilities and expectations.  We recognize and embrace that while product options are plentiful, each customer's needs are unique.

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