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STS VJ-628D Direct To Film Transfer Printer
With Auto TPU Powder Shaker and Dryer

STS VJ-628D DTF Printer and Auto TPU Powder Shaker 2
Program 1 Bundle:  Printer, Shaker,
Dryer and 220ml Ink Cartridges
Your Price:  $ 18,978.70
Program 2 Bundle:  Printer, Shaker,
Dryer and 1L Bulk Ink Cartridges
Your Price:  $ 21,578.70

The STS VJ-628D DTF Printer

The STS VJ-628D is the leading edge of Direct To Film print technology.  The CMYK + Dual White ink set will give you both solid vector graphics and high resolution (1440dpi) photographic output that can be transferred durably onto a variety of fabrics and textiles.  And at just 24 inches wide, the STS VJ-628D fits into any size print shop. It can sit atop any desktop or benchtop workspace or, with the included stand, be placed in a optimum floor space.  And powered by STS Inks, you can choose between a standard 220ml cartridge set or our recommended 1 liter bulk ink bags, thereby saving you money per mL and increasing your production run time between ink changes.  With a low price point and perfect size, the STS VJ-628D is the best option for anyone entering the custom apparel marketplace.

The Auto TPU Powder Shaker
and Conveyor Dryer

After the STS VJ-628D prints your design, our Automatic TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker and Conveyor Dryer takes over by evenly spreading, then melting the exact amount of adhesive material directly onto your design saving time, effort and cost. Three resources you need to conserve to run a profitable business. Also, with a handy vacuum absorption platform and infrared heat drying, you are assured a smooth result every time. Shaker Measurements: 35.4” W / 62.9” L / 45.6” H.  220V, Single Phase.

TPU Touch Screen

Having a simple to use touch screen really helps. Just touch the desired option to navigate through the menus and voila, you’re ready to go!

TPU Powder Recycler

Customizable automatic powder recycling feature, increases effectiveness against manual recycling.

TPU Dryer Tubes

Infrared drying and heating improves and protects color reproduction.

TPU Conveyor

The vacuum absorption conveying platform secures the printing material to avoid bulging, run-offs, and media waste.

The Workflow

Trigon Imaging Solutions is the certified partner that you need to install, calibrate and optimize this workflow in your environment.  This is not simply plug and play.  This comprehensive system is a combination of three different pieces of equipment that are all optimized to work in concert with one another.  We can train your key operators on the printer and software to ensure that your files will print correctly and appropriately for your job.  We'll also help them understand the TPU Powder Shaker and Recycler to ensure that the optimal amount of powder is applied to the graphics without loss, through best use of the recycling system.  And finally, we'll ensure that they understand the integration of the conveyor dryer and take up reel, so your printed graphics are cured and rolled without being overheated and bronzed or underheated and tacky. 

Snapshot in Operation

Full Overview

STS VJ-628 Printer Specifications
Printer Program Bundle Specifications
Printer Program Specifications.jpg
STS VJ628 Printer and Auto TPU
Operation Guides and Warranty
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