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Roland VersaUV LEF-12i Front View

Roland VersaUV LEF-12i
Benchtop UV Curable Printer

VersaUV LEF-12i   MSRP:  $ 18,995.00
Print Dimensions:  12" Wide  x  13" Deep  x  3.94" High

Versatile, Flexible, Brilliant,


With the magic of LEF-12i flatbed UV printing, you can print graphics and add stylish finishes to standard substrates as well as unique promotional items.

  • Gloss ink option enables spot gloss or matte finishes, as well as highly unique embossed effects

  • Print on three-dimensional objects with ECO-UV inks that image brilliantly and stretch around complex corners and curves

  • Perfect for pens, smart phone covers, personalized awards, giftware and so much more

  • Add White ink as a spot color or as a flood behind CMYK on dark backgrounds and clear materials

Roland LEF-12i Blank Merchandise
Roland LEF-12i Printed Merchandise
Key Features and Capabilities
  • Print on a wide variety of objects up to 3.94” in height

  • Built-in laser alignment system enables users to uniformly print images on different substrates

  • Roland Intelligent Pass Control – controls dot placement between each print pass for smooth gradations and outstanding solid colors

  • Job presets allow you to recall specific settings for instant reprints with specific applications

  • Roland OnSupport sends e-mail or smart phone alerts to inform users when ink is running low or a job has been completed

  • Industry leading Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty

Automated Ink Circulation System – The LEF-12i offers consistently brilliant results with controlled ink circulation that generates smooth ink consistency and density.  The LEF-12i has an Automated Ink Circulation System for the white ink channel that helps to maintain a consistent white point and opacity, even on long print runs. Controlled ink circulation ensures that ink pigments can’t settle in the ink lines, resulting in smooth ink consistency and density.

Energy Efficient UV Lamps – The LEF-12i feature energy-saving LED lamps that last up to ten times longer than conventional UV lamps. These can be instantly switched on and off for a true on-demand operation that doesn’t require a long warm-up time. In addition, the LEF has an automatic low-power mode that is switched on when not used after an extended period.

Mist Filters for Clean and Clear Printing – To ensure optimum print quality when printing around curves, mist filters have been added to the LEF-12i to collect the residual ink-mist when printing off the edge or curve of an item. This reduces overspray and stops ink from settling on internal parts. Filters are designed to be easily replaceable by the end user.

Roland LEF-12i Printed Drinkware
Advanced Features
  • New Roland VersaWorks Dual adds advanced features, such as special color plate generation for White and Gloss layers, improving ease of use.

  • The Roland Texture System Library is included in VersaWorks Dual for free.  This library features 72 pre-loaded, ready-to-use texture patterns. With its gloss, matte and simulated embossing features, the LEF-12i produces brilliant three-dimensional textured prints, allowing users to create stunning personalized gifts, promotional items, awards and product prototypes.

  • Upgraded firmware eliminates unnecessary cleanings during production, while also optimizing table movement during setup and printing, improving production.

  • Newly-supported dual White (CMYK, Wh, Wh) allows users to build White opacity faster than the LEF-12.

  • New variable data features (from selected .csv files) can automatically personalize any number of personalized print pieces.

  • Photorealistic printing up to 1440 dpi.

  • Ethernet connectivity for faster RIP data processing.

  • Roland OnSupport allows for remote connection of print status.

Roland LEF-12i Printing Pens
Roland LEF-12i UV Printer Applications

Promotional Items

With the ability to print CMYK, White and Gloss inks directly around the curves and contours of three-dimensional objects, the LEF-12i is ideally suited for personalizing pens, golf balls, key chains and other promotional items. Variable data printing allows you to individualize each item with names, photos and other custom design elements.

Roland LEF-12i Custom Printed Golf Balls
Roland LEF-12i Customized Headphones

Electronic Devices

Low-heat LED curing systems make the LEF-12i ideal for printing on sensitive electronic devices, including tablets and smartphones. High-opacity White ink produces bright, crisp white text and graphics, and can also be printed as an undercoat to enhance full-color graphics on clear acrylics and darker plastics.


With the LEF-12i, you can print directly on gift items ranging from jewelry and accessories to photo frames, wedding favors, dishware and even fabric items such as leather wallets and purses. Add interesting patterns and textures to your designs with layers of Gloss ink in matte or gloss.

Roland LEF-12i Custom Printed Handbag
Roland LEF-12i Printed Acrylic Award


The LEF-12i is the perfect additions to awards and recognition businesses, allowing these shops to add full-color graphics to engraved items for high-impact results. White ink allows you to print on clear acrylic awards as well as dark-colored plaques. Gloss ink adds elegant embossing and varnishing effects for a premium presentation.

ADA Signage

ADA compliant signage represents a major growth opportunity and profit center for sign and graphic businesses. With the introduction of UV ink and UV printer technology, ADA compliant signage can be produced quicker and more efficiently with a multi-layering ink process that creates raised text and images.

Roland LEF-12i UV Printed Braille
Roland LEF-12i Yellow Frog Cannister

Consumer and Industrial Products

For product designers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, the LEF-12i customizes a wide variety of products from toys and sports items to cosmetic cases and control panels. Variable data printing allows you to mark each product or part with individual serial and lot numbers.

Feel the Color with the Creative
Possibilities of Gloss ECO-UV Ink

Print gloss/matte finishes, realistic textures, or 3D embossed effects to add an irresistible new dimension of “touch and color”. Create your own special finishes or choose from seventy-two ready-to-use texture patterns in our Roland DG Texture System Library.

Roland LEF-12i Printed Mosaic Textured Phone Cases
Roland VersaUV 12i Textured Print on Wood
Roland LEF-12i Printed Texture on Laptop
Roland LEF-12i ADA Signage Conference Rooms
Rotaprint for Rotary Printing 
on the VersaUV LEF-12i

Printing onto tumblers, bottles, and cylindrical objects is an absolute snap with the new RotaPrint attachment for the Roland VersaUV LEF-12i flatbed printers. Simple to install and remove, it utilizes the Roland VersaUV LEF-21's existing feed system and allows you to print cleanly and precisely onto a wide range of materials with a diameter between 1.6" and 3.03" for the LEF-12i.

RotaPrint Rotary Attachment - Product Walkthrough

Open Your Business Up To More Opportunity
with Industry Compliant V-BOND Inks

California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) Compliant UV Ink

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Compliant UV Ink

V-BOND is the next Roland DG evolution in advanced UV inks for VersaUV LEF2 flatbed printers. Developed to be safe-to-use on items for kids or items that come into contact with skin, it enables users to print with safety and confidence on some of the most popular consumer products for personalization and customization.  This gives you the opportunity to print onto the following:

Toys and Children’s Products

Personal Care Products

School Supplies and Stationery

Pet Products

Jewelry and Fashion Items

Earbuds and Electronic Accessories

Rigid Food and Hygeine Packaging

Culinary Products

Roland V-BOND Prop 65 and CPSIA Industry Compliant UV Inks

Compliant with California Proposition 65 and the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

A cost-effective UV ink formula with durable, scratch-resistant, long-lasting results

Combines with the latest TrueRich Color 2 profiles in VersaWorks 6 for wide gamut print results— more vibrant reds, natural skin tones and smooth greyscale

Exceptional results on plastics, acrylic, acetate, brushed metal, paper, ceramics and many more substrates

A nickel-free UV ink solution— White ink is also Phthalate-free


With firm, robust Gloss ink results, V-BOND is ideal for ADA applications

Roland VersaUV LEF2-200 Videos

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Print and Profit: Customize Virtually Anything with Roland VersaUV Technology

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