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Roland VersaUV LEC2 Printer Cutter Series

Roland VersaUV LEC2
UV-Curable Printer Cutters

LEC2-330    MSRP:  $20,995.00
64" Wide Format Printer / Cutter
LEC2-640    MSRP:  $ 25,995.00
64" Wide Format Printer / Cutter

Produce premium graphics for

signs, decals, packaging and displays

Built to produce unique prints with added style and impact, VersaUV LEC2 series printer/cutters are on another level of machine quality. Our all-in-one printing, cutting, and embossing machines were designed for sign and graphics providers who are looking to produce premium, head-turning products for their customers.

  • Premium Quality: Precision dot placement, advanced head technology, and new Orange and Red ECO-UV (EUV5) ink options offer the highest quality output with ultra-vivid color results and accurate brand color matching.

  • Special Effects: Highlight the detail, feel the textures, and create simulated embossing with visible and tangible emphasis.

  • Integrated Cutting: Create exemplary prototypes in a single operation, and accurately cut elaborate stickers and labels.

Two Models Built for Versatility
Roland VersaUV LEC2 640


Roll Width:  to 64"

Roll Weight:  88 lbs

Take-Up Reel Included

Premium Indoor Displays, Signs
and High-End Graphics

When visual impact is paramount, turn any physical space into a bold canvas with crystal-clear detail, full-ranging color and Gloss ink effects that set you apart from the competition.

     Window Graphics and Static Cling

     ​Backlit Displays, Films and Fabric

     Wall Coverings, Graphics and Murals
Roland VersaUV LEC2 330


Roll Width:  to 30"

Roll Weight:  55 lbs

Take-Up Reel Included

Premium Packaging, Labels
and High-End Graphics

Satisfy the most discerning clients and bring your vision to life with convincing proofs and prototypes. Your LEC2-330 is compatible with a world of media, giving you the freedom to expand your graphics capabilities.

     Premium Labels

     Sleeves and Pouches

     Cartons and Rigid Applications

Target Markets and Applications


  • Label Converters

  • Packaging Converters

  • In Plant Print Facilities

  • Graphics / Sign Shops

  • Custom Textile / Interior Décor


  • Die Cut Labels and Decals

  • Packaging and Commercial Offset Proofing

  • Traditional Signage

  • Window Graphics

  • Posters and Backlit

  • Wall Graphics

  • POP Displays

  • Banners

  • Leather and Vegan Leather Goods

  • Interior Décor

  • Exhibition Graphics

Roland VersaUV LEC2 Printer Cutter Target Markets and Applications
Outstanding Print Quality

High-Definition Printing

Roland VersaUV LEC2 Print Head

Latest Print Head &

Powerful UV-LED Lamps

  • More precise ink delivery and control, even for the smallest droplets at 5 pL

  • Inks are cured onto the media in less time

  • Ability to produce detailed output, from smal text to elaborate 3D / textured effects to gradiations

High Density White

Roland VersaUV Opaque White Ink

Opaque EUV5 White Ink

  • Suitable for printing on transparent films or dark materials

  • High Density White ink print mode increases the density of the White ink even further to meet your production requirements

Balance of Vivid, Natural Color

Roland UV True Rich Color Gamut

Features in Versaworks 6

  • True Rich Color produces vibrant colors, neutral grays, smooth gradients and natural skin tones

  • The Intelligent Color Matching system ensures consistent color output on every print between two or more of the same printers

Gloss Finish

Matte Finish

Multi-Layered Printing

Texture Printing

Roland VersaUV UV Curable Printing Special Textures

The LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 printer cutters can be used with EUV5-GL (Gloss Clear) ink for exceptional, premium-value printing.  Gloss ink can be used to add special effects like embossed, gloss and matte finishes, or for producing lifelike custom-textured effects by simply overprinting multiple layers.  With 72 types of textured patterns included, it's easy to create gorgeous print without using time-consuming special printing methods.

The LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 also incorporate the following standard features for a better overall user experience:

Roland VersaUV LEC2 Printer Cutter Usability Features
Roland EUV5 True Rich Gamut UV Inks
Now With Orange and Red Ink
Roland Orange and Red UV Ink Gamut High Impact

The new EUV5 inks can be set up in the following configurations for the LEC2 printer cutters:

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + White

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + Gloss

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + Primer

The addition of Orange and Red ink allows for a larger percentage of color coverage.  In the chart below from the Pantone solid coated color book, the color gamut target increases by 7% with the new Orange and Red inks

Orange and Red Color Gamut.png

With the optional additional Orange and Red inks, the LEC2 Printer Cutters will have a much larger color gamut in the "warmer" hues.  This will provide a larger target area and greater possibility to hit difficult colors such as Coca-Cola Red, Home Depot Orange and T-Mobile Pink.

CMYK  =  81.54%

CMYK + Red  =  86.30%

CMYK + Orange + Red  =  88.85%

Roland LEC2 Printer Cutter Videos

Premium Prints You Can Charge a Premium For

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