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Roland VersaObject CO Series
Flatbed and Belt Driven UV Printers

Roland VersaObject CO-300 CO-640 Front View

VersaObject CO Flatbed Series

CO-300-F200    MSRP:  $ 49,995.00
Bed Size:  32" x 81"
Print Size:  29" x 59" x 7.87"
CO-640-F300    MSRP:  $ 81,995.00
Bed Size:  66.5" x 121"   
rint Size:  63" x 98" x 7.87"
CO-640-F200    MSRP:  $ 76,995.00
Bed Size:  66.5" x 81"   
rint Size:  63" x 59" x 7.87"
CO-640-F400    MSRP:  $ 86,995.00
Bed Size:  66.5" x 143"   
rint Size:  63" x 120" x 7.87"

VersaObject CO Belt-Driven Series

CO-300-B200    MSRP:  $ 68,995.00
Bed Size:  31" x 69" Belt   
rint Size:  29" x Unlimited Length x 7.87"
CO-640-B200    MSRP:  $86,995.00
Bed Size:  65" x 69" Belt   
Print Size:  63" x Unlimited Length x 7.87"

More Flexibility, More Opportunity

Take object customization to new heights with the VersaOBJECT CO Series of large format direct to substrate UV flatbed printers. Digital UV printing has never been more versatile and the CO Series is the perfect solution for customizing boards, objects up to 7.87 inches in height and even irregular 3D objects.

  • Choose from six different configurations, including flatbed and belt-driven hybrid models with two different widths.

  • All CO Series UV inkjets can print directly on both rigid and flexible substrates, while the belt driven models are also capable of printing on roll media.

  • Rotary Rack XL and Rotary Rack XXL accessories (sold separately), available for both flatbed and belt-driven hybrid models, allow printing onto and even fully around cylindrical objects.

  • Expand your product offerings by printing directly on a vast array of substrates – create customized signs, merchandise, packaging, displays, and more.

  • Carriage clearance of 7.87 inches makes printing vibrant graphics and unique special effects on a wide variety of materials and objects, quick and easy.

  • Print consistently on flat, irregular, or curved objects with two intuitive distance print modes.

  • Cost-effective ECO-UV 5 inks in dual CMYK or CMYK with Orange, Red, White, Gloss, and Primer configurations image beautifully and dry instantly.

  • True Rich Color mode combines with new Orange and Red ink options expand color gamut for increased creative opportunities and accurate color matching.

  • Gloss and White specialty inks allow you to add value to your prints by incorporating stunning dimensional and textural effects.



Width 30"
Bed Size 32" x 81"
Print Size 29" x 59" x 7.87"

Weight 1,102lbs

Dims 76" x 83" x 59"


Width 64"
Bed Size 66.5" x 81"
Print Size 63" x 81" x 7.87"

Weight 1,433lbs

Dims 111" x 83" x 59"


Width 64"
Bed Size 66.5" x 121"
Print Size 63" x 98" x 7.87"

Weight 1,873lbs

Dims 111" x 123" x 59"


Width 64"
Bed Size 66.5" x 143"
Print Size 63" x 120" x 7.87"

Weight 2,204lbs

Dims 111" x 143" x 59"


Width 30"
Bed Size 31" x 69"
Print Size 29" x Unlimited Length x 7.87"

Weight 1,410lbs

Dims 76" x 78" x 59"


Width 64"
Bed Size 65" x 69"
Print Size 63" x Unlimited Length x 7.87"

Weight 1,907lbs

Dims 111" x 78" x 59"


Technology Piezo-Electric print heads

Maximum Resolution Maximum 1,440 dpi

Head Carriage Movement High resolution stepping motor

Output Modes Continuous, Unload, Return to Origin, Layered


Weight Bed  20lbs per ft²

Vacuum System  Single and Dual Fan

Media Height Setting  Manual or auto-sensor

Surface Control  Manual or auto-sensor

Control Interface  7" color LCD ​touchscreen

Interface  Ethernet Base 10/100


EUV5 220ml cartridges

- White

EUV5 500ml cartridges

- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Orange, Gloss, Primer
V-BOND 220ml cartridges

- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Gloss, Primer
V-BOND 500ml cartridges

- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Gloss


Power Saving Function  Automatic Sleep

Power Requirements 230V 16A 2P+E

Power Consumption With 100% vacuum, up to 2.65kw

Sleep Consumption 0.08kw

Temperature  68° - 90°F

Humidity 35-80% non condensing

Outstanding Print Quality

High-Definition Printing

Roland VersaObject CO Series Print Head

Latest Print Head &

Powerful UV-LED Lamps

  • More precise ink delivery and control, even for the smallest droplets at 5 pL

  • Inks are cured onto the media in less time

  • Ability to produce detailed output, from small text to elaborate 3D / textured effects and gradients

High Density White

Control Panels

Opaque EUV5 White Ink

  • Suitable for printing on transparent films or dark materials

  • High Density White ink print mode increases the density of the White ink even further to meet your production requirements

Balance of Vivid, Natural Color

Roland EUV5 True Rich Color Gamut

Features in Versaworks 6

  • True Rich Color produces vibrant colors, neutral grays, smooth gradients and natural skin tones

  • The Intelligent Color Matching system ensures consistent color output on every print between two or more of the same printers

Gloss Finish

Matte Finish

Multi-Layered Printing

Texture Printing

Roland EUV5  Special Effects

All CO Series flatbed printers can be used with EUV5 or V-Bond Gloss (Clear) ink for exceptional, premium-value printing.  Gloss ink can be used to add special effects like embossed, gloss and matte finishes, or for producing lifelike custom-textured effects by simply overprinting multiple layers.  With 72 types of textured patterns included, it's easy to create gorgeous print without using time-consuming special printing methods.


Roland Generic Print Quality.png

Generic Distance

Roland Generic Distance Print Quality.png

Each CO Series printer features Distance Mode.  This mode, which has been standard on all LEF devices, is enabled in the firmware of the CO Series flatbeds, greatly increasing the drop-on-demand capabilities when printing on curved surfaces (such as golf balls).

  • Larger ink droplets & reduced head speed for detailed prints on uneven materials

  • Significantly improved quality and greater drop-away potential with Distance Mode

Roland EUV5 True Rich Gamut UV Inks
Now With Orange and Red Ink
Roland Orange and Red UV Ink Gamut High Impact

The new EUV5 inks can be set up in the following configurations for the CO Series printers

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + White

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + Gloss

  • CMYK + Orange + Red + White + Primer

The addition of Orange and Red ink allows for a larger percentage of color coverage.  In the chart below from the Pantone solid coated color book, the color gamut target increases by 7% with the new Orange and Red inks

Orange and Red Color Gamut.png

With the optional additional Orange and Red inks, the CO Series Flatbed printers will have a much larger color gamut in the "warmer" hues.  This will provide a larger target area and greater possibility to hit difficult colors such as Coca-Cola Red, Home Depot Orange and T-Mobile Pink.

CMYK  =  81.54%

CMYK + Red  =  86.30%

CMYK + Orange + Red  =  88.85%

Why Choose a Roland CO Series Flatbed
  • The print quality of the CO Series printers is better than any other printers in their class

  • New Orange and Red expanded gamut inks offer a higher complete color gamut than any other printers in their class

  • Roland VersaWorks 6 RIP Software is more intuitive and offers greater compatibility as far as specifications and tools are concerned

  • Print accuracy is superior on the CO Series printers and calibrating the CO machines is much easier compared to competitive devices

  • Economical costs, from $ 49,995 to $ 86,995

  • Six (6) size configurations available  -  four (4) flatbeds and two (2) belt-driven printers

  • Separate control tower with touch pad

  • Advanced firmware with "White Space Skip" and "Distance Mode"

  • Vertical bed setup allows for print and loading options at both the front and the rear of the bed

  • Choice of 4-color, 6-color and 8-color ink configurations

  • 7.87" of print height expands printing opportunities

  • Two Year Trouble Free Warranty

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