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Roland TrueVIS VF2
Wide Gamut Eco Solvent Printer

VF2-640    MSRP:  $ 18,995.00
64" Wide Gamut EcoSolvent Printer

Build Brands, Build Your Reputation and Build Success
with Absolute Color Control and Quality

The TrueVIS VF2-640 large format printer doesn’t just widen your color gamut, it takes your color completely off-the-chart with our richest and most vivid TrueVIS color output yet that allows you to perfectly target specific brand colors.

  • Award-winning TR2 Inks feature new Green and Orange ink choices to target previously unreachable or difficult-to-match colors

  • A smooth, seamless print operation with enhanced design, job sequences, software functions, operation panel and “two-mode” take-up unit

  • 3M™ MCS™ Warranty and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certified for added print confidence

Deliver Perfectly Branded Displays, Promos, Wraps and More... with the Color of the VF2
POP Displays and Promotions

POP Displays and Promotions

Produce wide color gamut printed graphics with crisp, close up details and color for high-end displays in stores, restaurants, offices and other locations to meet the exacting standards of discerning clients.

Wall and Window Graphics

Wall and Window Graphics

Perfectly recreate logos and branding for walls, windows and floors in stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate locations.  Also produce inspirational designs for artistic applications with photorealistic image intensity and detail

Print and Cut Graphics

Print and Cut Graphics

Combine the VF2-640 with a CAMM-1 GR series contour cutter to create high-end stickers, labels, decals and heat transfer graphics - all with an easy dual-device workflow that automatically recognizes printer crop marks on printed media.

Signs and Banners

Signs and Banners

New 3M and Avery certified inks perform brilliantly on a wide range of coated and uncoated media to give you outstanding color and durability up to three (3) years outdoors without lamination.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Create the most vivid graphics or perfectly recreate branded colors on company vehicles using the Roland VF2-640.  Certified for use with 3M and Avery products, it provides vehicle graphics with long-lasting results.

Fine Art and Photography

Fine Art and Photography

Photorealistic color quality and True Rich Color intensity combine to give you incredible print results on large format gallery art, photography projects and other fine art applications that require high-end image results.

Productivity Features Designed to Support
the Needs of Today's Graphic Workflows

Improved Machine Operation

With improved machine operation, the VF2-640 offers smooth production and print efficiency to help build your business.

New Media Take-Up
An included TUC4 take up system offers two modes to expertly handle everything from thin films to heavy canvas materials and provides take-up stability for a smooth post process.

Nozzle Mask Function
If a nozzle on the printhead is misfiring, minimize printer downtime by turning off a specific nozzle band to allow continued production.

Roland DG Mobile Panel 2
A newly improved Bluetooth enabled mobile panel allows you to test print, clean and troubleshoot your VF2-640 from your tablet or smartphone.

Roland TrueVIS Flexfire Print Heads

FlexFire Printheads

Roland DGA FlexFire printheads maximize printing performance so that even the highest speed setting delivers more detailed and vivid color results.

New Media Clamps

Smart new media clamps with integrated grooves no longer interfere with sheet-cutting or need to be removed at any time - providing you with a more efficient print operation.

Improved Edge Guards Media Clamps
Improved Pinch Rollers

New Designed Pinch Roller System

New pinch rollers remain engaged during printing and automatically raise during cutting.  Allows the user to easily load material and maintain tracking accuracy, even over the longest print jobs without ink transfer during print/cut functions.

Reach New Realms of Gamut
with True Rich Color Preset and TR2 Inks

TR2 inks greatly expand your color gamut to offer you new and exciting color output that sets your graphics apart. With the addition of Green and Orange inks and the latest True Rich Color 3 preset in VersaWorks 6, you can reach new areas of color, including purples, reds, greens, and other challenging hues— elevating all your print output with brighter, more detailed color results.

Roland VersaWorks 6 includes the all-new True Rich Color 3 preset.  True Rich Color 3 was designed to improve image quality and color vibrancy in files printed using RGB data.  Most effective when using ink sets with Orange and Green, True Rich Color 3 pushes the boundaries of gamut and takes image quality to another level. Being able to deliver a "true green" or "true orange" are ways in which the Roland TrueVIS VG3 Series can exceed the demands of color professionals.

Roland VersaWorks True Rich Color 3
Greater Color Accuracy than 
Any Other Printer in its Class
Pantone Gamut

The VF2-640 has a distinct advantage when compared to the most common perceived competitors.  Looking at the gamut map of the HP Latex 335 as well as the Epson SureColor S80600, the VF2-640 encompasses and surpasses both models in nearly all aspects of the spectrum.  This gives the VF2-640 an advantage when selling into a color accurate workflow and environment.  

Below is a chart showing the VF2-640 at 92.1% Pantone coverage with a Delta E of <2.

Percent of Pantone Gamut

The following chart provides an in-depth look at the measurements from the VF2 compared to top competitors in the market.  As you can see, the data illustrates the major advantage the VF2 has in accurate Pantones representation, especially in Green hues and shades.

Average Color Delta E
Outstanding Performance and Image Quality
with a Variety of Configurations

The TrueVIS VF2 wide gamut printer is known for its unsurpassed image quality, reliability, and versatility.  Choosing the ink set that best fits the user's needs based on their most common applications is a crucial part of ensuring the customer's expectations are met. 

Whether the user's focus is low-cost decals and label, high-end custom vehicle graphics or high-quality POP displays, the Roland VF2 wide gamut printer has an available ink set to meet the needs of today's demanding print service providers.

With Orange, Green, Light Black, and other inks available in new configurations, you can consistently hit very specific Pantone® shades and company brand colors as well as outputting graphics with smooth gradients and skin tones. Not only do new ink configurations offer our widest color gamut yet, but they also provide more choice in your color output with options that include quick color output and a series of options with high intensity color, intensely smooth color, and other complex color choices.

Roland TrueVIS VG3 TR2 Ink Configurations 1
Roland TrueVIS VG3 TR2 Ink Configurations 1

Production that you need with Color you can trust
Roland TR2 Ink Certifications

GREENGUARD Gold Certified TR2 Inks

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Roland TR2 inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified.  This provides assurance that Roland DGA products meet some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low-emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

Avery Dennison ICS Warranty Certified

Tests run on Avery's print materials using Roland DGA TR2 Inks have validated their durability standards as outlined in the Avery Dennison ICS Warranty.  This warranty specifies that Avery Dennison products will be free from defects when used and stored according to Avery specifications.

Click here to review the warranty matrix.

Avery Dennison ICS Warranty
3M MCS Warranty

3m MCS Warranty Certified

Tests run on 3M's print materials using Roland DGA TR2 Inks have validated their durability standards as outlined in the 3M MCS Warranty.  This warranty specifies that 3M products will be free from defects when used and stored according to Avery specifications.

Click here to review the warranty matrix.

Roland VF2 Wide Gamut Printer Videos

Roland DG TrueVIS VF2 Series - Printer Walkthrough

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