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Roland TrueVIS LG Series
UV-Curable Printer Cutters

Roland TrueVIS LG-640
LG-640    MSRP:  $ 25,995.00
64" Wide Format Printer / Cutter
LG-540    MSRP:  $ 23,995.00
54" Wide Format Printer / Cutter
LG-300    MSRP:  $19,995.00
30" Wide Format Printer / Cutter

A New Dimension in Print and Cut

The new TrueVIS LG-300, LG-540, and LG-640 printer/cutters are built off the multiple industry award-winning TrueVIS platform to bring users the most technologically advanced Roland DG print-and-cut UV inkjets ever.

Known for producing high-quality, color-rich graphics, the LG Series UV printers incorporate enhanced features that improve overall ease of use and performance.

Physical design changes allow for easier media loading and improved media tracking, while software enhancements improve on the already stunning image quality Roland DG TrueVIS devices are known for.

These are quite simply the BEST UV printer/cutters Roland DG has ever made.

Three Models Built for Versatility
Roland TrueVIS LG-640


Roll Width:  to 64"

Printing/Cutting Width:  to 62.9"

Roll Weight:  to 99 lbs

Print Speed:  343ft² per hr

Roland VersaUV LG-540


Roll Width:  to 54"

Printing/Cutting Width:  to 52.9"

Roll Weight:  to 77 lbs

Print Speed:  315ft² per hr

Roland TrueVIS LG-300


Roll Width:  to 30"

Printing/Cutting Width:  to 28.9"

Roll Weight:  to 66 lbs

Print Speed:  232ft² per hr

Additional Specs Shared Across All Models

  • 750ml pouches of ECO-UV ink in 8 different color configurations

  • High Speed Printing

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • Automated Media Calibration

  • Take Up Reel included

  • Two staggered Piezo print heads (1.4" wide) with optimized waveform dot placement

  • Maximum 1200dpi print resolution

  • Built in UV-LED lamps for more efficient ink curing

  • Maximum 9.8" outside roll diameter

  • 750ml pouches of ECO-UV ink in 8 different color configurations

  • Cutting force up to 500gf

  • Printheads are equipped with a heater that warms the ink, minimizing the effect of outside temperature and ensuring stable color.  This reduces idling time required for printhead to heat up before printing, especially during winter months.

Target Markets and Applications
LG MG Series Billboard

Backlit Graphics

Print high-quality EUV ink onto a wide range of semi-transparent backlit media to create eye-catching lightboxes.

Window Graphics

With high-opacity white ink and excellent media compatibility, you can produce everything from static clings to window stickers.

LG MG Series Window Graphics
LG MG Series Retail Graphics

POP and Displays

Roland DG’s TrueVIS UV print and cut solution is perfect for creating a wide range of in-store promotional graphics.

Giclée and Decor Art Graphics

Produce luxury art prints utilizing enhanced features such as simulated oil paint brush strokes and more.

Ideal for both residential or corporate art graphics.

LG MG Series Canvas
LG MG Series Stickers and Decals

Stickers, Decals and Labels

Quickly produce sticker, decals and labels with great color accuracy, and even add stylish gloss details.

General and ADA Signage

Produce graphics that stand up to close inspection, even on a large scale. The TrueVIS solution helps you transform office spaces and residential interiors with eye-catching graphics produced with GREENGUARD Gold certified inks.

LG MG Series ADA Signage
LG MG Series Mock Up

Comps, Mockups and Packaging Prototypes

Capable of printing onto thin films and semi-rigid cardboard. You can create prototypes from packaging boxes to flexible pouches.  Gloss ink allows you to print a spot gloss or texture, mimicking flexo output.

Outstanding Print Quality

Unmatched Print Accuracy

Roland TrueVIS LG Print Head Array

Newest Piezo Print Heads &

More Efficient UV-LED Lamps

  • More precise ink delivery and control, even for the smallest droplets at 5 pL

  • Inks are cured onto the media in less time

  • Staggered print heads offer greater print speeds than competitive products

High Density White

Roland TrueVIS LG MG Series Media Gap Adjustment

Automated Media Gap 

and Feed Calibration

  • Start adjustments and walk away as the printer calibration adjustments are made automatically

  • Optical registration technology reads charts automatically and adjusts for optimum media usage

Balance of Vivid, Natural Color

Roland UV True Rich Color Gamut

Improved Color Gamut and

Target Color Accuracy

  • True Rich Color produces vibrant colors, neutral grays, smooth gradients and natural skin tones

  • The Intelligent Color Matching system ensures consistent color output on every print between two or more of the same printers

Gloss Finish

Matte Finish

Multi-Layered Printing

Texture Printing

Roland TrueVIS UV Curable Printing Special Textures

The TrueVIS LG series printer cutters can be use Roland's EUV5-GL (Gloss Clear) ink for exceptional, premium-value printing.  Gloss ink can be used to add special effects like embossed, gloss and matte finishes, or for producing lifelike custom-textured effects by simply overprinting multiple layers.  With 72 types of textured patterns included, it's easy to create gorgeous print without using time-consuming special printing methods.

Roland EUV5 True Rich Gamut UV Inks
Now With Orange and Red Ink
Roland Orange and Red UV Ink Gamut High Impact

The new Roland TrueVIS LG Series printer cutters run 750ml bags of EUV5 UV-Curable ink and can be set up in any of the following configurations:

Dual CMYK  -  Highest overall productivity, balancing image quality with print speed


Orange and Red  -  The MOST popular and amazing color produced by any UV printer in its class. Roland’s Extended Color Gamut using EUV-5-Re and EUV-5-Or produces the largest color gamut and gray balance of any Roland UV printer. 

  • CMYK + Or + Re + WH + GL  -  single white, single gloss

  • CMYK + Or + Re + WH + WH  -  dual white, no gloss

  • CMYK + Or + Re + WH + PR  -  single white, primer for improved ink adhesion

  • CMYK + Re + WH + GL + PR  -  no orange, plus white, gloss and primer

CMYK + White and Gloss  -  Traditionally, this has been the most popular ink configuration prior
to the release of Orange and Red inks. Smooth solid color fills, gray balance, and natural skin tones with the productivity of two white and gloss channels.

  • CMYK + WH + WH + GL + GL  -  color with double white and double gloss

  • CMYK + WH + WH + GL + PR  -  color with double white, single double gloss and primer

Orange and Red Color Gamut.png

With the optional additional Orange and Red inks, the TrueVIS LG Series Printer Cutters will have a much larger color gamut in the "warmer" hues.  This will provide a larger target area and greater possibility to hit difficult colors such as Coca-Cola Red, Home Depot Orange and T-Mobile Pink.

CMYK  =  81.54%

CMYK + Red  =  86.30%

CMYK + Orange + Red  =  88.85%

Roland TrueVIS LG Series
Printer Cutter Videos

TrueVIS LG Spot UV Printing and Color Reproduction

TrueVIS LG Speed

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