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Roland Texart XT-640S

Roland Texart XT-640S DTG
Direct-to-Garment Printer

Texart XT-640S   MSRP:  $ 84,995.00
Multi-Station Platen Array, Bed Size:  63" x 54" x 8"

Turn Up the Volume on DTG

Multi-Station Direct-to-Garment Printer

The Texart XT-640S turns up the volume on t-shirts, apparel, and fabric accessory printing without the high industrial price tag. Get productivity, versatility, and flexibility with a direct-to-garment printer that allows you to print t-shirts on-demand, as well as large, unique items to expand your products and profitability.

  • It’s like having multiple DTG printers in one machine— instantly scale up production with an easy, expansive flatbed DTG printing option

  • Print beyond t-shirts with a unique sliding baseplate and platen flatbed operation that offers t-shirt productivity as well as the flexibility to print on specialty fabric items

  • Offers an intuitive digital workflow with pre-defined print environments and machine features that can work with your software systems and API for the ideal web-to-print solution

Customize Apparel, Accessories,
Décor and More...

The XT-640S was awarded Best Direct to Garment Printer in the prestigious European Digital Press Association Awards, 2020. It prints durable, full-color designs, photos, logos, and text directly onto a wide range of cotton and cotton-blend products. It’s the perfect flexible printing answer for screen printing businesses who no longer want to turn down short-run orders and want to ramp-up production during busy times, or graphics apparel businesses looking for an advanced “print-what-you-want” solution to expand their product options.

Roland XT-640S Printed Shirts


Produce graphic t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts on-demand or in high-volume with continuous printing on a multi-platen bed array measuring 63" wide x 54"" deep and 8" high.



Print beyond just t-shirts with a large bed, using multiple platens, and an expanded print height to 8" tall.  Print on overalls, jean jackets, jeans, sweatpants, shorts, shoes and other specialty wearable items.

Roland XT-640S DTG Pillows

Décor and Accessories

The XT-640S is not just for shirts and apparel.  The 8" print height offers ample clearance so you can print (and expand into) profitable items like custom-printed towels, cushion covers, pillowcases, bed clothes and more.

Roland XT-640S DTG Gift Items


Add giftware items to your print offering and customization options - get creative and profitable with a range of popular products like tote bags, scarves, can koozies, hats, dishcloths and so much more.

User Customizable Platen System

Create a whole range of profitable custom products with a series of different platens that work in perfect unison with the multi-product operation of the Texart XT-640S. Using different product positioning templates available in your software, you can simply and effectively create a myriad of different product set-ups to reflect your customer orders and the items you want to print.

A rail-based system features a unique multi-station set-up with sliding baseplate and docking platen operation that enables you to load and unload the next item or row of products to keep your production moving and profiting— while one set of product platens are in production, you can pre-treat and set up your platens for the next print job. This unique print set-up and operation is ideal for printing on t-shirts and hoodies, but it also allows you to add items like baby bibs, blankets, sweatpants, and other one-off apparel orders to any print run.

  • ​The XT-640S DTG Printer has a unique sliding base plate with docking platen design that is conducive to continuous printing.

  • The Texart XT-640S is supplied with eight (8) Medium / Large platens.

  • Small and Extra Large platens can be purchased and used along-side other platens on the bed offering maximum versatility, especially on short runs

  • RIP software position template allows perfect file placement on each platen.

  • Users can remove all platens and secure large items like blankets and towels for all over printing.

Roland XT-640S Platen TP

Small Platen

9.5" x 12"

Perfect for bandanas, dishcloths, napkins, socks, onesies, face masks and more

Roland XT-640S Platen TP

Medium / Large Platen

12" x 16"

Perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, tote bags, tea towels, fabric napkins and more

Roland XT-640S Platen TP

Extra Large Platen

16" x 20"

Perfect for jackets, hoodies, shorts, cushion covers, pillow cases and more 

Roland Texart XT-640S Multi Station Platen System
Roland Texart XT-640S Features and Benefits

Productivity and Quality

The Texart XT-640S is a direct-to-garment printer that gets the kind of results you’d associate more with industrial print devices. It can print at speeds of around 50-60 dark shirts-an-hour, or 90-100 white t-shirts depending on your color speed mode* — providing outstanding color results and performance in commercial wash tests.

Roland Texart XT-640S Printed Shirts
Roland Texart XT-640S Above Loading Product

Work Simpler in Pre-Defined

Print Environments

Screen printing businesses and other print providers can add the XT-640S to their production with little need of operator training. Featuring a separate control tower with touchpad controls, intuitive software with pre-defined print environments and customer order barcode generation, short run and one-off print orders are a much simpler operation.

Prints with a Natural Look and Feel

Produce brilliant effects on white or color garments with INKU inks. Available in CMYK and high-density White, you can produce everything from bold color prints to opaque, vintage prints that have a natural look and feel.

Roland Texart XT-640S Printed Shirt
Epson F6370 OEKO-TEX Certification

High-Quality, Environmentally Safe

INKU DTG Pigment Ink

Available in CMYKWhWh ink configuration for high quality printing on white and color textiles, INKU DTG pigment ink cartridges for the Texart XT-640S are ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.  This means they’re free from harmful chemicals and substances, which is great news for you and your customers.

  • A separate control tower features touchpad controls with simplified gantry movement and set-up that auto adjusts to home and height.

  • An auto-stop perimeter around the base of the XT-640S allows users to stop production at any time.

  • Those businesses who already have pre-treatment and post-treatment dryers will love how easily the XT-640S fits into their existing machine workflows.

  • Integrated ink circulation prevents White ink build-up to ensure smooth, consistent print results.

  • Allows users to use the same or different platen sizes together for maximum versatility— especially on short production runs.

  • In addition to standard platens available from the Roland DGA Store, produce your own specialty platens/collars for sleeves, legs, towels, etc.

Print Speeds and Ink Consumption
Roland Texart XT-640S CMYK + W Print

Shirt:  Next Level 3600

Shirt Size:  Large

Color:  Gray

Image Size:  10" x 13"

Ink:  CMYK + W (1 layer)

Print:  High Speed

Print Quality:  540 x 360

Print Quantity:  8 shirts

Time:  9 minutes

Ink Usage:  1.8ml

Ink Cost:  $ 0.32

Shirts Per Hour:  53

Take Away... Good for most jobs on lighter colored t-shirts and "vintage" look on dark and black t-shirts.

Roladn XT-640S CMYK + WWW Print

Shirt:  Next Level 3600

Shirt Size:  Large

Color:  Black

Image Size:  10" x 13"

Ink:  CMYK + W (3 layers)

Print:  High Speed

Print Quality:  540 x 360

Print Quantity:  8 shirts

Time:  12 minutes

Ink Usage:  3.8ml

Ink Cost:  $ 0.87

Shirts Per Hour:  48

Take Away... Good for high ink density and bright colors on dark and black t-shirts

Roland Texart XT-640S CMYK Print

Shirt:  Next Level 3600

Shirt Size:  Large

Color:  White

Image Size:  12" x 12"

Ink:  CMYK 

Print:  High Speed

Print Quality:  540 x 360

Print Quantity:  8 shirts

Time:  5 minutes

Ink Usage:  1.9ml

Ink Cost:  $ 0.35

Shirts Per Hour:  96

Take Away... Good for high ink density and bright colors on white t-shirts

Roland XT-640S White Print

Shirt:  Next Level 3600

Shirt Size:  Large

Color:  Black

Image Size:  8" x 15"

Ink:  White (2 layers)

Print:  High Speed

Print Quality:  540 x 360

Print Quantity:  8 shirts

Time:  8 minutes

Ink Usage:  1.25ml

Ink Cost:  $ 0.29

Shirts Per Hour:  60

Take Away... Good for white-ink-only graphics on dark and black t-shirts

CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Pro
Roland DG Edition DTG RIP Software

CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Pro, Roland DG Edition RIP offers an industry-leading RIP software for a complete color management, job preparation, and production software solution. This package includes built-in pre-production and seamless workflow tools.

  • Seamless interface with your design software.

    • Print directly or “drag-and-drop” files into selected queues.

  • Cloud-based and network printing.

  • User-friendly Visual Production Manager™ that manages multiple queues and multiple printers simultaneously

  • Automatic job sorting (Automatic Job Sorter), barcode job processing, custom templates, and automatic graphics positioning (Visual Print Positioning) included.

  • Unmatched high-fidelity colors.

    • Extended color gamut and vibrant, color-accurate prints.

  • Automated underbase and exceptional White ink management.

    • Proper use of White ink for black or dark colored fabrics.

  • Outstanding integration of fabric color into design.

    • Easily remove unwanted color backgrounds to save ink, enhance the hand, and optimize the look of the finished product with FluidMask.

CADLink Digital Factory Apparel Pro
Roland Texart XT-640S Specifications

Printing Technology:  Piezoelectric Inkjet

Fixture Capacity:  4  XL Platens  -  16" x 20" each

                                8  M/L Platens  -  12" x 16" each

                                12  S Platens  -  9.5" x 12" each

Bed Size:  63" wide  X  54" deep  X  8" high

Ink Cartridges:  Type:  INKU DTG Pigment

                            Colors:  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White

                            Capacity:  500ml per cartridge

Ink Configuration:  CMYK + White + White

Printing Resolution:  Maximum 1440dpi

Media Compatibility:  Cotton, cotton-rich blends, polyester

Media Setting Height:  Manual, Auto Sensor

Surface Control:  Manual, Auto Sensor

Control Interface:  7" Color LCD Touch Screen

Power Requirements:  230V, 16A

Dimensions:  Printer Unit:  107.48" wide  X  61.42" deep  X  57.09" high

                        Control Tower:  20.87" wide  X  20.87" deep  X  42.52" high

Weight:  1367 lbs

Included Items: Printer unit, control tower, CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Pro software, eight (8) M/L platens, two (2) table docks, user manual, power cable, cleaning kit, installation kit

Roland Texart XT-640S Videos

Roland Texart XT-640S  -  Printer Walkthrough

Roland Texart XT-640S  -  Platens Overview

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