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Roland Texart XT-640
Dye-Sublimation Printer

Roland Texart XT-640 Fluorescent Orange
Texart XT-640   MSRP:  $ 29,995.00

Simply Powerful Sublimation Printing

With its rugged construction and dual-print heads, the XT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer is built to meet the most demanding production and quality requirements. It provides machine stability, a choice of ink configurations, including Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy), and is one of the fastest dye-sublimation printers on the market. Equipped with automatic ink-switching and iPad printer assist features, it also supports unattended printing on long print runs, even in high-speed modes.

  • Durable and lasting build quality for long print runs and non-stop production

  • Dual-print heads increase production speed and maximize color quality with 7-droplet technology

  • 4-color high-speed printing or 8-color printing for wider color gamut and smooth color gradients

  • Roland DG Fluor Color Library offers hundreds of new colors with new Fluorescent Pink and Yellow inks

  • Automatic ink-switching and iPad printer assist for unattended printing

  • Error-free media alignment with new feed adjuster, take-up system and powerful vacuum

Unstoppable Production for Sign, Graphics, Décor and Apparel Professionals

With dual-print heads and advanced features to support unattended printing, the XT-640 was built for high volume dye-sublimation production at high speeds. However, the XT-640 is more than just a device, it represents new markets and new opportunities in apparel, décor and product customization.

Roland XT-640 Fashion and Apparel
Branded and Personalized
Fashion and Apparel

Whether you’re making your own fashion statement with clothing and pattern design, or company branding t-shirts and apparel, the XT-640 gives you a wealth of fabric and customization options. It’s the perfect machine for high-volume production of corporate clothing or high-end fashion products.
Roland XT-640 Sportswear.png
Made for Making Sportswear
Dye-sublimation transfer printing is perfect for customizing polyester sportswear fabrics and apparel. The XT-640 is the ideal device to create brilliantly colorful graphics for team uniforms, amateur sportswear and professional sportswear.
Roland XT-640 Custom Interior Decor.png

Custom Interior Décor

Put logos, brands, patterns and designs on a wide variety of fabrics for home furnishing, home décor and wall coverings. With the XT-640, you can create high-volumes of décor items in the fastest time possible.

Print Error-Free with
Advanced New Features

Dual Staggered Print Heads Cover All the Details

The XT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer features dual-staggered print heads to maximize productivity. Each Piezo inkjet print head has 8-channels containing 180 nozzles with seven different dot sizes. This allows the XT-640 to achieve smoother gradations, finer details and richer color density for photographic quality graphics and high-resolution vector output.

Roland Texart XT-640 Dual Staggered Heads
Roland Texart XT-640 Improved Pinch Rollers

New Media Feed System for Non-Shift Printing

The XT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer has a new media feed system that supports printing on a range of thick to thin papers. The new media holder keeps everything evenly tensioned and properly aligned while a powerful vacuum holds the paper flat. The front feed adjuster keeps media taut on the take-up reel and the whole system prevents transfer paper from buckling or shifting.

Print and Go with a Precision Take-Up System
To support long runs, the XT-640 comes standard with a take-up system that features a front-mounted roller and a tension-controlled take-up unit. The following features offer easy and unattended feeding and tracking:

  • Heavy roll media to 110lbs

  • Dancer roller for stable and accurate take up

  • Decreased media resistance for improved feeding accuracy

Roland Texart XT-640 Feed Adjuster
Roland Texart XT-640 Printer Assist

Remote Controlled Printing with

Roland DG Printer Assist

Roland DG Printer Assist (RPA) is a free application available at the iTunes App Store that offers easy management of the XT-640 by accessing its control panel directly from an iPad. With RPA users can remotely control the XT-640 and view print status, run machine calibration and perform maintenance. In addition, RPA features multiple printer management from one iPad.

Roland Texart XT-640 4-Color of 8-Color Inkset
Roland Texart XT640 8-Color Inkset_edited.jpg

More Choice with 4-Color or 8-Color Ink Modes

In 4-color (CMYK) high-speed print mode, the XT-640 is fast and efficient, producing fine details and deep color contrast. Also, when configured in 4-color mode, the XT-640 can print continuously. Once the primary ink pouch and subtank for a particular color are empty, the ink switching system activates automatically and begins pulling ink from the secondary ink pouch, allowing for maximum productivity and efficiency.


In an 8-color configuration (CMYK+LcLmOrVi / CMYK+OrViFpFy), the XT-640 delivers an extremely wide color gamut with Orange, Violet, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow inks. In 8-color set-up, users have the ability to reproduce Pantone Solid Coated colors as well as having a vast choice of vibrant fluorescents and soft pastel shades. And choose from 375 predefined colors in the Roland DG Fluor Color Library.

Roland Texart XT-640

Printing Technology:  Piezoelectric Inkjet

Media Width:  10.2"  to  64" wide

Thickness:  Maximum 39mil

Outer Roll Diameter:  8.3"

Roll Weight:  88lbs

Maximum Speed:  1,098ft² per hour

Ink Pouches:  Type:  Texart SBL3 Ink

                         Capacity:  1 liter per color

Ink Configuration 1:  4-Color - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (2 of each)

Ink Configuration 2:  8-Color - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light

                                                     Magenta, Orange, Violet

Ink Configuration 3:  8-Color - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Violet,

                                                     Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow

Printing Resolution:  Maximum 1440dpi

Power Requirements:  AC100-120V, 5.5A

Dimensions, with Stand 117" wide  X  32.7" deep  X  65" high

Weight:  472 lbs

Included Items: Printer, stand, power cord, media clamps, media holder, replacement blade for separating knife, Software RIP, User's Manual, etc.

Roland Texart XT-640 Videos

See the Texart XT640 for Yourself

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