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Neenah Coldenhove's Jetcol® HTR4000 is designed for high coverage applications and is well regarded as the best dye sub paper from a stabiity and runnability standpoint. The Jetcol® HTR4000 paper is a laminated, 140 gsm paper that will stay flat under any print conditions and ink quantity. With this sublimation transfer paper, you can print and transfer deep, rich colors with a maximum yield transfer.

  - 140g/m² Dye Sub Paper

  - Clay Coated Paper for Fast Drying

  - Ideal for Hard Surfaces and Substrates

  - Fully Recyclable

  - Highly Efficient Paper, for maximum ink transfer

HTR4000-64279, 64" x 279' Jetcol High Performance Dye Sublimation Paper

  • - Closeout items are sold as new, unopened

    - All sales are final - no refund or return

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