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CottonTreatment is preferred by industry leaders for its minimal staining, soft hand feel, great wash fastness, and fabulous color brilliance for all direct-to-garment printers. Best used as an Epson pretreatment solution.  CottonTreatment pretreatment solution can be applied with any automatic spray pre-treatment machine, like the Lawson Zoom-AE or can be applied by hand with a Wagner spray gun, mist sprayer, pump sprayer, airbrush or garden sprayer, etc

  - 1 Gallon 

  - Apply pretreatment, cover with parchment or silicone-treated paper and press the garment for 10 seconds at 330°F

  - Remove the paper and press for an additional 10-15 seconds

  - Treated shirts are ready to be DTG printed

COTTONTREATMENT-1G, Trigon DTG Dark Fabric Pre-Treatment

  • - Closeout items are sold as new, unopened

    - All sales are final - no refund or return

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