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Epson SureColor R5070PE
Production Edition
64" Roll to Roll Resin Signage Printer

MSRP:  $ 24,895.00
Our Price:  $ 16,495.00
Savings:  up to $ 4,950.00
Product Code:  SCR5070PE
Epson SureColor R5070PE Resin Latex Printer Front View
Tackle Every Print Job With
Versatile Resin Ink

As a high-volume print shop, you need powerful, versatile printing solutions that can tackle every job with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Now, with breakthrough resin ink, delivering astounding quality prints at true production speeds has never been more convenient.

Introducing the SureColor® R5070 — an all-new, high-performance signage printing solution, only from Epson®.

The first of its kind to feature multi-purpose resin ink, this 64" roll-to-roll signage printer consistently provides professional quality vinyl, banner, vehicle wrap and other traditional signage prints at remarkable speeds. Designed to keep up with fast-paced print shops, the R5070 offers immediate lamination, user-replaceable PrecisionCore® printheads and ultra low-cost inks for ease and savings unlike ever before.

High Quality Resin Latex Prints
at High Production Speeds

Capable of producing reliable, high-quality output at speeds up to 226ft² per hour, the Epson SureColor R5070PE Production Edition is one of the fastest sign printers in its class.

Epson SureColor R5070 Resin Ink Set.png


5 Pass



6 Pass



9 Pass



14 Pass



20 Pass


Two Printing Methods Depending on Selected Print Mode

Epson R5070PE Speed and Production Mode

Optimizer and Color Ink printing simultaneously

Epson R5070PE Quality Mode

Optimizer and Color Ink printing in separate layers

Epson UltraChrome RS
Resin Latex Ink

SureColor UltraChrome RS Inks - "R" = Resin

  • Resin Inks are water-based signage inks

  • Superior media compatibility

  • Immediate lamination

  • High scratch resistance

  • Increased total productivity

  • Vibrant 6-color aqueous resin ink set

  • Includes optimizer and maintenance liquid

  • Reliable color consistency

Industry Leading Ink Certifications

  • GREENGUARD Certified

  • French-VOC Certified

  • REACH Certified

Epson Ink Droid Ink Bag System

  • 1.5 Liter ink bags

  • Reduced waste versus cartridge system

  • Hot swappable on R5070L Bulk system

  • Easy installation

  • Simple and compact design

Epson R5070PE Ink Droid R Series Ink System.png
Epson R5070PE UltraChrome RS Ink Bags
Epson PrecisionCore TFP Print Head
FIRST EVER End User Replaceable
Micro Piezoelectric Print Head

Epson's most advanced print head to date, the PrecisionCore TFP print head, with Epson Precision Dot technology, can deliver significantly better-quality prints, faster and more reliably than virtually any other form of resin-latex-based printing.  The SureColor R-Series PrecisionCore TFP print heads have been developed to meet the high demands of a production environment. A robust head carriage  also allows for more protection from potential head strikes, allowing for increased production with much less downtime than competitive devices, or even previous generations of Epson printers.

High Performance Photographic Resin Latex Imaging

  • Capable of print resolutions up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

  • True 600 dpi per color channel per single print pass

  • Enhanced Variable Droplet Technology as small as 4.2 picoliter

  • Unique coating technology reduces the likelihood of a print head clog on the surface

Epson SureColor R5070PE Resin Printer PrecisionCore TFP Print Head
End User Print Head Replacement
Epson R5070PE End User Replaceable Print Head

No special tools required

Replacement within 1 hour

  • Users can replace print head and perform automatic adjustments through software

Ink discharge before replacement

Physical replacement

Automatic print head adjustment

through included software

Accurate, Repeatable Color

PrecisionCore Micro TFP print heads are engineered to maintain nozzle integrity and last for years. This is one of the main reasons Epson can deliver consistent, repeatable colors project after project. Whether it’s a multi-panel wall covering or a color specific repeat job, you can have confidence in Epson’s PrecisionCore heat free technology.  

Epson SureColor R5070PE Resin Printer PrecisionCore TFP Print Head

A unique three-tiered radiant heating system limits media shrinkage, keeping your print dimensions consistent.  The pre-heater warms the material, allowing to it swell before printing.  The platen heater maintains a consistent temperature while the media is being printed.  And the post heater uses a lower temperature and a fan dryer to cure the ink while maintaining media integrity.

Epson SureColor R5070 Three Tier Heating System

A stable, accurate media feed system provides high precision material advancement ensuring consistent panel lengths.  It provides consistent tension on both full or partial rolls.  This system is taken directly from the award-winning, proven feeding and take-up system used on the Epson SureColor S-Series printers.

Epson R5070PE Media Feed Path
Drive Productivity Higher

Epson helps you drive revenue through a higher rate of productivity. Get higher production print speeds with less banding using Epson’s all new Precision Dot microweave technology and new multi-layer halftone. Our PrecisionCore print modes and latest color algorithm deliver high quality, high scratch resistant prints ready for immediate lamination

Epson R5070 Drive Productivity Higher
Application Versatility

Don’t say no to potential business. See how Epson SureColor R Series printers—with water-based resin ink technology and an innovative three-tier heating system— have the versatility you need to say yes to traditional media banners and adhesive vinyl, as well as specialty media like wallpaper, canvas and much more.

Epson R5070 Versatility
Epson SureColor R5070PE
Printer Specifications

Minimum Printer Width:  64 inches

Print Head Configuration:  PrecisionCore TFP 12-Channel Print Head

Ink Technology:  Epson UltraChrome RS Resin Ink

Color Configuration:  6-Color

Color Configuration:  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Optimizer

On-Board Capacity for Color:  1,500ml x 6 colors

On-Board Capacity for Optimizer:  1,500ml x 1

On-Board Capacity for Maintenance Liquid:  1,500ml x 1

Three Stage Heating System:  preheater, platen heater, post heater  -  0°C or 30° - 55°C

Additional High-Speed Print Dryer:  Standard

Standard Connectivity:  USB 2.0 & Gigabit Ethernet

Included Software:  Epson Edge Print

Dimensions:  116" Width  x  41" Depth  x  70" Height

Weight:  990lbs

Epson SureColor R5070 Series Videos

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Consistent, High-Quality Signage Printing

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Resin Printers Overview,  47:37 Minutes

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Productivity, Print Speeds and Resin  39:40 Minutes

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Produce Accurate, Durable Wall

Coverings with Epson Resin,  51:02 Minutes

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Color Consistency Put to the Test,  19:22 Minutes

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  How to Load Media

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Using the Auto Take-Up Reel Unit

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Cleaning Around the Print Head

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Cleaning the Anti-Drying Caps

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Cleaning Around the Flushing Pad

Epson SureColor R-Series  -  Cleaning the Suction Cap

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