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Epson SureColor F9470H, 64" Wide
6-Color Dye Sublimation Printer with
Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow

Epson SureColor F9470H
MSRP:  $ 32,995.00
Our Price:  $ 24,995.00
Product Code SCF9470H

High Speed, Reliable Productivity for High-
Visibility Digital Dye-Sublimation Transfers

Produce vibrant apparel, soft signage, décor and more with the high-performance SureColor F9470H 64-inch printer. Purposefully designed for high-visibility dye-sublimation printing, the F9470H features the full spectrum of brilliant UltraChrome® DS6 ink, including Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow, for exceptional color saturation and brightness. The perfect choice for high-volume, industrial environments, the F9470H includes dual PrecisionCore® TFP® printheads and delivers outstanding-quality prints at speeds up to 1,169ft² per hour. A truly turnkey solution, the F9470H arrives with Epson Edge® workflow software, highly accurate roll-to-roll media support system with advanced auto paper-tension control, and high-capacity ink tanks for seamless 24/7 production.

Epson SureColor F9470H
Printer Overview
  • New Media Feed System  -  High accuracy media feed system supports dye-sublimation papers as light as 45gsm

  • Dual Print Head PrecisionCore TFP  -  High Production Speeds

  • Fabric Wiper System  -  High reliability and consistency of cleaning print heads

  • Post Heater  -  Expedited ink drying matches increased print speeds

  • Auto Feeding & Take-Up Reel System  -  Ideal for roll-to-roll production with high accuracy winding of +/- 2.5mm over distance printed

  • Ink Supply System  -  Dual-CMYK with 3 liters of ink per color, + Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellows with 1.5 liters of ink per color

Epson SureColor F9470H
Epson SureColor F9470 Color Gamut.png

1,169ft² / hr




1,004ft² / hr

Fashion / 



568ft² / hr




667ft² / hr

Fashion / 



345ft² / hr




Epson SureColor F9470HE
Dye Sublimation Applications

Fabric Production for Cut-and-Sew Markets

  • A digital replacement for the traditional screen printing process of dye sublimation transfer methods for final bolt fabric production

  • Garments include high-end fashion, athletic wear, sports jerseys, and swimwear etc.

  • Sports Apparel and other garments that demand high-intensity, fluorescent colors that have a strong impact

  • Any polyester-based sublimation or mixed fabrics - high-performance poly fabrics

  • Not compatible with cotton, rayon, or other natural fabrics

Soft Signage

  • Short-run or photo quality soft sign making up to 64” wide

  • Unique soft signage for trade show or special events

  • Flags, stretch frames, table throws, drapes, roll-up banners, back-lit and rigid surfaces.

Epson F7200 Soft Signage
Epson F7200 Custom Specialty Products

Custom Specialty Products

  • Typical mouse pads, awards, photo gifts, and other unique dye sublimation products

  • Promotional products and any customized or personalized product

Epson PrecisionCore TFP
Dual Print Head Technology

Commercial-Grade Reliability

  • The PrecisionCore print chips have been co-developed with Epson UltraChrome DS ink technology for extreme reliability

  • Capable of very high-production, with very little downtime for maintenance

Fast Print Speeds

  • True 1,440 nozzles per inch dedicated to each CMYK channel

  • One of the fastest dye-sublimation transfer printers in its class

Extreme Print Quality

  • Print resolutions up to 1,440 x 720 dpi 8-pass for amazing image quality

  • Precision dot control for outstanding clarity and sharpness for garment imaging​

Epson F9470H PrecisionCore TFP
Technology Enhancements
Epson F9470H Head Array

Dual Print Head Configuration

  • Utilizes the same Quad-CMYK print channels as F9470 when operating in CMYK print modes

  • Automatically reconfigures to Dual-CMYKFyFp print channels when using Fluorescent print modes

  • Dual print head design allows a problematic head to be disabled while still being able to produce sellable output

Epson SureColor F9770 2-Pass Print using MPO Technology

Enhanced MPO Multi-Pass

Overlap Print Technology

Featuring Advanced Multi-Pass Overlap (MPO) technology, the SureColor F9470H printer increases production speed by maintaining print quality with fewer print passes.

Epson F9470 MPO

Typical Competitor 2-Pass Print quality without MPO Technology

Epson F9470H Non MPO
Epson F9470H Precise Media Handling.png

Advanced ATC Technology

The Advanced Auto Paper Tension control (ATC) system utilizes both the media feed motor and
roll drive motor together to accurately control paper feed and virtually eliminate banding
with or without the take-up reel system in use.

Print Head Air Guard Technology

The print head air-guard controls the airflow around the print head ensuring ink droplets are precisely
placed on paper to produce smooth tones with minimal grain.

Without Print Head Air-Guard

With Print Head Air-Guard

Epson F9470H Print Head Air Guard Technology

Dot placement is negatively affected

by air flow of head movement

Precise dot placement is unaffected

by air flow of head movement

Epson Precision Dot Technology
Enhances Print Quality

Epson Precision Dot delivers the high image quality with vibrant colors and smooth gradations by harmonizing three different dedicated technologies for dye-sublimation: Half Tone Module, LUT and Microweave.

Epson F6370 Half Tone Module

Ink droplets vary in size in order to smooth gradients and tonal values, greatly reducing graininess.

Epson F6370 LUT Technology

Epson's Look-Up Table optimizes color dispersion in each resolution pixel, reducing image graininess.

Epson F6370 Microweave

Ink droplets are interlaced between passes, "stitching" colors together and eliminating banding.

Epson Ultrachrome DS / DS6
Dye-Sublimation Ink

Developed Specifically for the Epson PrecisionCore TFP Print Head

  • Significantly increases the overall print head life

  • The SureColor F-Series printers are designed to be used exclusively with Epson UltraChrome DS inks and not with any other brands of cartridges or inks. Using Epson genuine ink is important for reliable performance and high image quality


High Visibility 6-Color Ink Set with High-Density Black Ink and Fluorescent Pink / Yellow

  • CMYK ink set supporting fashion apparel and graphics production

  • CMYK + Fp + Fy ink set supporting sports apparel and graphics production

  • Newly formulated high-efficiency ink designed for achieving dramatic color intensity and high color contrast

  • Superior overall image quality - both image definition and text sharpness are amazing

  • Less ink consumed to product rich dark colors and solid blacks

  • Stable ink chemistry for consistent color quality with 2 year shelf life

New, Larger Capacity Ink Packs

  • Replaceable IC Chip renews the refill in the bulk cartridge

  • Simple Ink Refill Packs offer less environmental impact versus standard plastic cartridges

  • High Capacity 1.1 Liter Pack offers 10% more ink than the prior generation

Safety First

  • Epson UltraChrome DS inks are Eco Passport certified by Oeko-Tex. This is an international safety standard in the textile industry. It is certified to be safe for adults and children, including babies.

  • Epson UltraChrome DS inks are AZO certified to be free of arylamines (carcinogens)

Epson SureColor F9470H Ink Set
Epson F9470H OEKO-TEX Certification
Epson Edge Print RIP Software
Bundled with F9470H

SureColor F9470 Series Printers Come Standard with Epson Edge Print

  • Complete layout and printer management is standard

  • Powerful color management technology easy to use and intuitive workflow

  • Features an Adobe ® PostScript ® 3™ Engine for graphic file compatibility

  • Equipped with tools specifically for digital textile printing such as step and repeat,
    spot color matching, and custom color library support.

Epson Edge Print Pro Screenshot
Epson Edge Workflow Solutions
Managing Fluorescent Colors
in a CMYK Color Space

Epson F9470H Ink Mode

  • 4-Color  CMYK

  • 4-Color  CMK + Fy

  • 4-Color  CK + Fp + Fy

  • 6-Color  CMYK + Fp + Fy

Epson Edge Print Fluorescent Print Mode

Color Management of CMYK data, Fluorescent inks not utilized

Yellow print data replaced with Fluorescent Yellow ink

​Yellow and Magenta print data replaced with Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Pink inks

Color Management of CMYK data and Fluorescent inks are being handled in two ways... Spot Colors and Color Combine Function

Named Spot Colors can be replaced using a Custom Library or the included Epson Fluorescent Spot Color Collection.

Epson F9470H Fluorescent Table

Epson Edge Print's Multi Image Color Combine Function has the ability to merge a CMYK image  file with a Fluorescent image file; and by creating smooth gradients and blending both color sets together in a single combined image, you can utilize both palettes in a single garment.

Epson F9470H Fluorescent Gradients
Epson SureColor F9470H
Printer Specifications

Maximum Printer Width:  64 inches

Print Head Configuration:  Dual Advanced PrecisionCore TFP 10-Channel Print Head

Nozzle Configuration:  CMYK dedicated 1,440 nozzles, Fy and Fp dedicated 720 nozzles

Ink Technology:  Epson UltraChrome DS with High Density Black, Epson UltraChrome DS6 with Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow

Color Configuration:  6-Color, CMY+HDK + Fp + Fy

On-Board Capacity for Color:  3000ml per color, CMYK;  1,500ml per color Fy and Fp

Ink Included with Printer:  2000ml per color, CMYK;  1,000ml per color Fy and Fp  

Maximum Resolution:  1440 x 720 dpi

Maximum Printer Speed:  1,169ft² per hour

Fashion / Signage Printer Speed,  CMYK:  1,004ft² per hour

Fashion / Signage Printer Speed,  CMYK + Fp + Fy:  6674ft² per hour

Sports Apparel Printer Speed,  CMYK:  568ft² per hour

Sports Apparel Printer Speed,  CMYK + Fp + Fy:  345ft² per hour

Standard Connectivity:  USB 2.0 & Gigabit Ethernet

Included Software:  Onyx GamaPrint Pro


Dimensions:  103" Wide  x  37" Deep  x  53" High

Weight:  639lbs

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