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Epson SureColor F3070 Industrial DTG Printer

Epson SureColor F3070
Industrial Direct-To-Garment Printer

Product Code SCF3070PE

Introducing the Future of Production 

Direct-To-Garment Printing


Bring a new level of productivity and efficiency to your printing business with the all-new SureColor F3070 industrial direct-to-garment printer. The first of its kind to meet the demanding needs of high-production print shops, the F3070 was built from the ground up to deliver professional-quality, one-pass prints at industrial-level speeds. Featuring automatic garment thickness adjustment, easy user maintenance features and a new dual 2.6" PrecisionCore® printhead, this innovative direct-to-garment printer maximizes productivity and reduces downtime for fast, cost-effective print production. Coupled with the first bulk ink system integrated into an Epson® direct-to-garment printer, the F3070 can produce a full-size t-shirt in moments, allowing print shops to print hundreds of shirts per day, all at a remarkably low cost of ownership.

Features Overview

Internal LED Lights

Emergency Stop Button


Platen System

Genuine Stand

Epson SureColor F3070 Front Right
Epson SureColor F3070 Front Left

Easy Access Covers

4.3" Touchscreen & Speaker

Operation Buttons

Bulk Ink Solution

(1.5L  x  7 slots)

Easy Access to 4L Waste Ink Bottle

Epson PrecisionCore Technology

The Epson SureColor F3070 boasts DUAL advanced PrecisionCore microTFP 10-channel, drop-on-demand, high-performance printheads with ink-repelling technology. These are some of the most advanced printheads developed by Epson. And they are the reason why so much production can fit in such a compact build of a production DTG printer.

  • 8,000 nozzles per printhead x 2 heads = 16,000 total nozzles

  • Printhead width of 2.6 inches delivers high productivity with extreme drop placement accuracy for outstanding print quality

  • Variable-Sized Droplet Technology with resolution up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

  • New Nozzle Verification Technology automatically detects nozzle health and can correct without user interruption

  • Built-in redundancy allows production to continue should an issue occur

  • User replaceable head design can be completed in minutes

Epson SureColor F3070 PrecisionCore Print Head
Epson SureColor F3070 Dust and Fiber Control
Epson SureColor F3070 Dual Print Heads
Epson UltraChrome DG
Ink Technology

Epson High-Performance Direct-To-Garment Ink Technology

  • 5 Color Ink set with high-opaque whites and vibrant colors

  • Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT and Global Organic Textile Standard certified inks

  • When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed, garments have been determined safe for use by adults, children, and babies

  • High capacity 1.5 Liter ink packs for less frequent replacement and lower costs

  • Ink pack system minimizes waste when compared to traditional cartridge systems

Epson SureColor F3070 Bulk Ink Droid
Epson SureColor F3070 UltraChrome DG Ink Set
Production Print Speeds

  0.30  min:sec     

  0.42  min:sec                 

  0.45  min:sec                     

  1:04  min:sec                                       

  1:13  min:sec                                                

  1.52  min:sec                                                                                  

Production - Speed

600 x 600 dpi

Production - Quality

1200 x 600 dpi

Ultra High Quality

1200 x 1200 dpi

0                       20                   40                      60                     80                    100 seconds

Advanced Printer Features

Automatic Garment Thickness Optimization

  • Garment thickness measured by 6 sensors during the loading process every 1/100th of a second to create a garment height profile

  • Printer determines the garment minimum, average, and maximum heights

  • Printhead carriage physically moves up/down to the optimal height as desired by the media settings (min, avg, or max thickness)

  • The process is automatic and performed seamlessly in parallel with other pre-print tasks

Epson SureColor F3070 Auto Head Height 1_
Epson SureColor F3070 Auto Head Height 2_
Epson SureColor F3070 Auto Head Height 3

High-Speed Garment Loading System

  • Hanger platen helps operators quickly load garments with proper alignment

  • 2nd Generation Grip Pad reduces loading and unloading time by adhering to the platen surface keeping platen sides smooth for garment to slide easily

  • Platen Hoop can be used with the grip pad in place if desired

Epson SureColor F3070 Quick Load Platen 1
Epson SureColor F3070 Quick Load Platen 2
Epson SureColor F3070 Quick Load Platen 3
Epson SureColor F3070 Automated Head Cleaning System

Automated Cleaning System
Head Cleaning Fabric Wiper Cassette

  • Maintains both printheads in pristine condition

  • Enables dry capping of heads without risk of ink buildup or need for expensive head soaking liquid

  • Spend more time printing and less time maintaining - No daily maintenance

  • Simple user replaceable cassette last for approximately 2,500 shirts

Automated Cap Cleaning

  • Inexpensive maintenance liquid is used to flush the cleaning caps and tubing to prevent ink build up and removal of dust and fibers.

  • Minimal user maintenance time required – only a few minutes once a week

Dust & Fiber Control

Active Air Filtration

  • Airborne dust and fiber is actively removed from the print environment with the use of three active air filters

Printhead Dust and Fiber Guard

  • Minimizes garment fibers and dust particles from contacting the print head.

  • Static charged zones around each printhead minimizes airborne dust and

  • fibers from causing blocked print nozzles

  • Automatically cleaned with the printer’s fabric wiper

Epson SureColor F3070 Dust and Fiber Control
Additional Platen Options
Epson SureColor F3070 Platens
Epson Garment Creator Software

Advanced DTG Imaging Software Developed by Epson

  • Raster-based software application supporting sRGB - PNG, TIFF, JPEG and BMP files

  • Supports transparency in PNG and TIFF file formats for simplified imaging

  • Available for both Apple® macOS® and Microsoft® Windows® platforms

Easy-to-Use Garment Layout

  • Choose your platen size, place your image file(s), position, scale, rotate, etc. - then print

  • Add multiple images and text for greater customization of the garment

  • Very simple interface - quick learning-curve

Robust Dark Garment Controls

  • Powerful “Use-Garment-Black” feature for reduced imaging costs on black garments

  • Automatic generation of the optimal white ink under-base calculated for each image

  • Independent controls for color and white imaging

Epson SureColor F3070 Garment Creator
Epson SureColor F3070 Videos

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Printing 100 Shirts in One Hour  -  1:01:16

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For Improved Workflow Efficiency  -  35:52

Epson SureColor F3070  -  Best Practices for Printing Tri-Blend Garments  -  39:41

Epson SureColor F3070  -  Best Practices for Printing Tri-Blend Garments  -  39:41

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