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EFI Pro 32r+ 
126" Roll-to-Roll LED UV Printer

EFI Pro 32r+ Roll to Roll LED UV Printer
MSRP:  $ 199,000
MSRP:  $ 225,000 
with White
Product Code:  3000010912

Grow.  Profit.  Change the Game.

Business is good. But it could be even better. You could up your game. Add capacity. Profit from more throughput and faster turns. And ratchet up your capabilities. You have room for another printer, but can one printer be a game changer?

Yes, if it’s the 3.2-meter EFI™ Pro 32r+ roll-to-roll LED printer.

How to Profit and Change the Game

EFI designed the 3.2-meter EFI Pro 32r+ wide format roll-to-roll LED printer, to be everything you need to be more competitive and profitable in an economical, all-in-one, production-level printer. With significant capacity — roughly up to 50,000 square feet (5,000 square meters) per month, you’ll be able to offer customers a wider range of applications – including white, textiles, and double-sided — on a wider range of substrates. All with lower running costs, thanks to better ink consumption and lower power bills.

  • Provide shorter time to market

  • Lower running costs, better ink consumption and lower power bills, thanks to LED

  • Win more campaigns

  • Eliminate outsourcing

  • Combine several systems into a single all-in-one unit

Grow and Profit with the EFI Pro 32r+

The EFI Pro 32r+ is designed for entry-level print producers, seeking to grow, and looking to supply high-quality graphics by committing to larger capacity runs and offering a wider range of applications. This is how you win more campaigns, by combining several systems into a single, all-in-one unit. 

  • Add significantly more capacity - about 54,000ft² per month

  • Provide a wider range of capabilities

    • White​

    • Textiles

    • Double-Sided Printing

    • Dual Roll Capacity

  • Offfer a wider range of media types​

  • Commit to larger capacity runs

Profitable Designs That Change the Game
EFI Pro 32r+ Dual Roll Split Shafts

Dual Roll Split Shafts

Two individual 63" shafts

  • Enables precise and excellent media collection

  • Improves media advance and print quality

Enables printing on rolls of different diameters at the same time

  • The tension between the rolls is adjusted to the media diameter

Allows using 63" rolls up to 440lbs
Standard 3” core, optional 6” core

Maximum roll diameter is 15.7"

Improved Media Edge Guards

Media Edge Guards are designed for all kinds of specialty wavy media
types that have a tendency to curl or unravel on the edges

  • Protect the printheads

  • Protect the print carriage

  • Prevent wasted media

  • Eliminate ruined jobs

EFI Pro 32r+ Media Edge Guard

Super Duty Winder

  • Allows working with large media rolls up to 1,750 lbs (793 kg)

  • Minimizes handling of material

  • Increases productivity in high volume runs due to less make ready

  • Enables continuous, without stopping to change rolls

  • Material width: 126"

  • Maximum media diameter: 27.5” OD 

  • Standard 3” core, optional 6” core

Inline Slitters

  • A revolutionary workflow that enables printing and y-slitting on-the-fly in a single process.

  • Manually adjustable Slitters trim off margins and slit a single wide media into several narrower jobs.

  • Available with single or double blade

  • Replace expensive additional cutting equipment

  • Save valuable time at the finishing station, prevent finishing errors and increase yield

  • Single bladed slitters – order 2 or more

  • Double bladed slitter blades are 8 mm apart, distance not adjustable

EFI Pro 32r+ In Line Slitters
EFI Pro 32r+ In Line Slitters 2
EFI Pro 32r+ At a Glance

Media / Handling

  • Handles a wide variety of flexible substrates

  • Maximum printable width:  126"

  • Maximum roll weight:  441lbs

  • Roll-to-Roll, free-fall and multi-roll (2 rolls up to 62.9")

  • Integrated mesh kit


  • Maximum speed 2,756ft² per hour

  • Quick and easy media loading

Genuine EFI Inks

  • EFI - 3M™ SuperRange XF inks covered under the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, when printing with co-branded EFI and 3M™ UV inks, including white ink, on 3M™ flexible media

  • EFI VUTEk SuperFlex inks for fleet graphics

    • ​LED-curable UV inks

    • Small dot gain

    • Wide color gamut

    • Environmental friendly

    • Superb durability

Environmental Considerations

  • Compressed air: 95 psi (6.5 bar) airflow of 4 cf/m (110 liters/min), dry and clean air only (not included)

  • Operating temperature: 68° F to 86° F (20° C - 30° C)

  • Humidity: (non-condensing)

  • Standard range - 30% - 80%

  • Optimal range - 50% - 80%

  • Machine weight: 5,952 lbs (2,700 kg); crated: 7,055 lbs (3,200 kg)

  • Height: 73.2 in (186 cm)

  • Depth: 40.5 in (103 cm)

  • Width: 232.8 in (590 cm)

  • Electrical:

  • 220VAC 1 Phase +N + PE 25 Amp, 50/60 Hz

  • Printing consumption: 1.8 kW; Peak consumption: 3.0 KW

  • Integrated air cooling system

EFI Pro 32r+ Dimensions
EFI ProGraphics UV LED Inks
EFI Genuine Inks.jpg

Ink Option 1:  EFI 3M SuperRange XF LED Ink offers a hard surface cure, a wide color gamut, and excellent adhesion properties, making it the ideal choice for a super wide range of materials and printing applications.


Ink Option 2:  EFI Vutek SuperFlex Ink not only offers an extended color gamut and ensures maximum reliability and performance with your EFI system, but also delivers super flexibility for fleet and vehicle graphics, textiles, outdoor applications, and more.

EFI Pro 32r+ Videos

EFI Pro 32r+ Product Overview

EFI Pro 32r+ Roll-To-Roll LED UV Webinar  - 56:49 Minutes

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EFI Power Tools:  Automatic Double-Sided Backlit Printing on the Pro 32r+

EFI Power Tools:  Double Sided Automated Blockout Printing on the Pro 32r+

EFI Power Tools:  White Ink Printing on the Pro 32r+

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