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EFI Pro 30h 
126" Hybrid LED UV Printer

EFI Pro 30h Hybrid LED UV Curable Inkjet Printer
MSRP:  $ 220,000.00
Product Code:  300013892

Wide Capabilities That Give You

A Competitive Edge

With the EFI Pro 30h hybrid printer, you can upgrade or add board and roll-to-roll print jobs to your wide format capabilities. Four colors plus white standard for those high value prints. EFI UltraDrop™ Technology 7pL grayscale printing. Resolution up to 1200 dpi. A magnetic linear drive for better drop placement and a greater color gamut. It all adds up to exceptional print quality that will set you apart from your competition. 


  • Day/Night backlit graphics

  • Interior decoration

  • Retail signage

  • Outdoor signage

  • Wall coverings

  • Window graphics

Widen Your Print Options With Multiple
White Ink Print Modes
EFI Pro 30h Hybrid LED UV Curable White Ink Print Options

​Print up to five layers, supporting more applications, in single pass using these four modes

  • Flood White - Single or multiple layers of White Ink provide bright white opacity when printing above or below your color onto clear or colored materials.

  • Shape White - Also known as Spot White, this is the placing of White Ink into targeted areas of your graphics so as to create a special effect or draw a viewer's eye to a viewable area.

  • Day / Night Backlit - Sandwich one layer of White Ink between two layers of CMYK in order to create a translucent build of color and allow graphics to backlight most effectively.

  • Five-Layer Blockout Graphic - Single Pass print five (5) layers of ink (CMYK - W - Black - W CMYK) so as to print opaque double-sided graphics on clear.  

Wide Design That Benefits Your Workflow
EFI Pro 30h Hybrid LED UV Inkjet Printer Features and Benefits
EFI Pro 30h Productivity Features Speed Continuous Board Feeding Changeover
Wide Productivity That
Keeps The Jobs Moving
Print Speeds That Support the Productivity That Your Customers Demand

Output Mode


Distance View


POP Quality

High Quality

Ultra Quality

CMYK Print Speed

2477ft² per hour

1535ft² per hour

604ft² per hour

455ft² per hour

308ft² per hour

131ft² per hour

Printer Settings

CMYK  |  300x600dpi  |  1 pass

CMYK  |  600x600dpi  |  2 Pass

CMYK  |  600x600dpi  |  6 Pass

CMYK  |  600x600dpi  |  8 Pass

CMYK  |  900x600dpi  |  12 Pass

CMYK  |  900x1200dpi  |  24 Pass

** White Ink Printing at one-half CMYK Speeds **

EFI Pro 30h At a Glance

Media / Handling

  • Hybrid printer supporting rigid boards or roll media

  • Maximum printable width:  126"

  • Maximum media thickness:  2"

  • Maximum media weight on table:  200lbs

  • Maximum roll weight:  440lbs

  • Maximum roll diameter:  12"

  • Advanced media-platen vacuum system with six chambers having their own independent vacuum power controls

  • LED curing lamps

  • Magnetic linear drive

  • Dual roll printing:  Yes

  • Continuous Board Printing:  Yes


Ink Delivery System

  • CMYK + WW ink set

  • Optional Clear channel

  • 12 Ricoh Gen 5, 7pL printheads

  • Two print heads per color

  • Grayscale printing up to 1200dpi

  • Print up to five layers in a single pass



  • Dual touchscreen graphical user interface in front and back of printer for ease of operation in multiple applications

  • Embedded Fiery® proServer Core digital front end (DFE)


Environmental Considerations

  • Temperature:  68°F - 86°F

  • Humidity:  40% - 80% (noncondensing)

  • Weight:  Approximately 6,835lbs uncrated

  • Dimensions:  127" x 76" x 77"

  • Electrical:  200 - 240VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz 32A

EFI ProGraphics UV LED Inks
EFI Genuine Inks.jpg

Ink Option 1:  EFI ProGraphics UV XA ink for a highly diverse range of flexible and rigid media applications, such as banners, exterior signage, retail signs and interior architectural design.


Ink Option 2:  EFI ProGraphics UV ink for a wide range of flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or heated and those that need the best outdoor weathering performance without lamination

EFI Pro 30h Videos

EFI Pro 30h Promotional Video

EFI Pro 30h Hybrid LED UV Full Reveal - 55 Minutes

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